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Article: Winter Brides 🎀 Wedding Gift Ideas

Bridal Gifts

Winter Brides 🎀 Wedding Gift Ideas

When it comes to getting married in the winter, there are a lot of things to think about.  First, and perhaps most importantly, what are you going to wear?  Winter is a time to bundle up and keep each other warm:) But when you are walking down the aisle, you need to look your best, even in the coldest of temperatures.  Whether you are up in Aspen or on a breezy beach, having a beautiful and memorable winter can be contributed to the gifts you give and what you wear.  The Bridal Collection of feminine and intimate bridal accessories features different gift ideas for the winter bride. Make the most out of this special time with intimate gifts that are inspired to create intimate moments that will last a lifetime.  Here are a few gift ideas that you give to the winter bride in your life:

 Bridal Intimates and Accessories

Bridal Intimates | HoneyMoon Giftset

Delight your loved one with this honeymoon-inspired gift set designed to evoke passion, sparkle and love. Inspired by the beauty and intimacy of your honeymoon, this giftset features a handcrafted sparkly leg garter and satin nipple clamps that you can use to tease and please.   

Bridal Intimates | Blushing Bride Giftset

A giftset designed to make you blush:)  The Blushing Bride giftset features sexy and feminine handcuffs and satin nipple clamps so that you can surprise the one you love.  Perfect as a sensual gift or a treat for yourself for your magical moments of matrimony, this giftset is the perfect way to light up your most intimate moments with sweetness and femininity.

Bridal Intimates | Chantilly Leg Garters

Lace your look with these bridal-inspired leg garters designed to make your wedding day even sweeter.  These lacy leg garters feature a beautiful eyelet lace and satin ribbon with handcrafted satin tyes on the sides to make your look even sweeter.  Wear these under your dress or for the afterparty:)

love, tara

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White Leg Garters

Intimate Accessories | Entice with Winter Whites

It's pretty much the dead of winter.  The days are short, the wind is crisp and it's that time you start yearning for that tan.  No matter how you coup with this season, whether you love it or you ...

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