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Unveil the power of femininity with this collection inspired by the beauty of nature.  Allow this collection to help you discover your feminine power and style. 

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Black Flower Soft Bondage HandcuffsBlack Flower Soft Bondage Handcuffs
Daisy Tyecuffs Sale price$28.00 USD
Pink Flower HandcuffsPink Flower Handcuffs on Bedpost
Daisy Pink Tyecuffs Sale price$28.00 USD
Satin Tye View of Flower White Hair BarretteWhite Flower French Hair Barrette
Daisy White Hairtye Sale price$18.00 USD
Pink Flower Leg Garters on White BackgroundPink Flower Leg Garters on Model in Boudoir
Daisy Pink Legtyes Sale price$28.00 USD
Pink Daisy Flower Heel StrapsPink Flower Daisy Heel Straps
Daisy Pink Heeltyes Sale price$22.00 USD
Pink Hair Flower Barrette with Satin Bow in MIddleBack View of Pink Flower Hair Barrette
Daisy Pink Hairtye Sale price$18.00 USD
Black Daisy Flower Heel StrapsBlack Daisy Heel Straps in Black and Pink Box
Daisy Heeltyes Sale price$22.00 USD
Black Flower French Hair Barrette with Satin BowBlack Flower French Hair Barrette Back View
Daisy Hairtye Sale price$18.00 USD
White Flower Handcuffs Soft Bondage
Daisy Bridal Tyecuffs Sale price$28.00 USD
White Daisy Flower Leg GartersWhite Flower Leg Garters on Model in Boudoir and Black Lingerie
Daisy Bridal Leg Garters Sale price$28.00 USD
White Daisy Flower Heel StrapsDaisy White Heel Straps in Black Box
Daisy Bridal Heeltyes Sale price$22.00 USD
Black Flower Leg Garters
Daisy Black Legtyes Sale price$28.00 USD


Style is in the details and confidence is all in the feels with our collections of feminine jewelry, accessories and intimates designed to help you explore and celebrate the magic of accessorizing. #tyesbytara