All Choked Up | Everyday Chokers

They come and go. They're in style, out of style, kinda seen and then everywhere. Chokers are a stylishly fickle accessory that everyone needs in their accessorizing strategy.  Whether you're heading to work or a night on the town, there's really no way to go wrong with an elegantly feminine choker.  With a deep history and a wide application, chokers are just a staple that are like exes that keep coming back.  Luckily, the bowtyes collection of feminine bow chokers is a carefully curated collection designed to add a touch of sophisticated femininity to your favorite #ootds.  Ahead are three bowtye chokers that you should consider when you need a lil something sexy to go with your look.

The Marie Antoinette Bowtye Choker

Something never go out of style, and my love, neither will this pink velvet choker from the Marie Antoinette Collection.  This handcrafted velvet bow choker features a kittenish tye and an elegant display of femininity that you can take with you wherever this world takes you.

The Femme Fatale Bowtye Choker

Hello menswear. This popular crossover menswear choker is inspired by the traditional bowtie but softened with femininity.  A soft elastic choker makes it super comfortable to wear all day and all night.  Perfect under a collared shirt or perhaps that lacy nothing you've been wanting to wear, this choker does it all.

The Lady Bowtye Choker

Light up your favorite looks with effortless femininity in this beautifully versatile bow choker from the Lady Collection.  Inspired by lingerie, this elegant black bow choker features unique tye accents at the nape of the neck, making it perfect for updos and ponytails.  Delight your favorite #ootd from dawn to dusk with this feminine black bow choker.