Feminine Day Collars

The choker. It has a fascinating history that has evolved into one of the most classic items in fashion today. What started out as a simple ribbon around the neck to signify prostitution has now become a fashion piece that almost everyone has. From thick to thin, feminine to dominating, there is a wide array of different day collar chokers that you can enjoy accessorizing with. The Bowtyes Collection of feminine day collarish chokers and necklaces is designed to delight your decollete with femininity and style. Ahead are three feminine day collar chokers that you should consider when you want to add an elegant and feminine accent to your #OOTD.

 Vixen Bow Choker Day Collar

Sparkle is the most sensual way with this rhinestone mesh day collar choker from the Vixen Collection. This sparkly and dominatrix-like choker is sure to bring out the sensual power in you; Soft satin tyes accent the back of the neck for a flirtatious and feminine finish you can wear anywhere you wish. Perfect with a sexy updo or ponytail, this black sparkly day collar choker is a beautiful and sensual way to accent your business suit, birthday suit or anywhere in between.

Menage A Trois Pink Bow Day Collar

Celebrate this erogenous zone with flirtation and femininity in the Menage A Trois Day Collar bow choker from the Menage A Trois Collection. This feminine and dainty bow necklace uniquely celebrates the side of the neck touching all the right places. The nape of the neck is a highly sensual zone with nerves that activate all sorts of feels so decorate it wisely.

Marie Antoinette Pink Day Collar

Prrr the way to want to with this kittenish day collar choker from the Marie Antoinette Collection. This luxuriously feminine day collar choker is created with a soft velvet ribbon and handcrafted tye making it perfect to wear to work, on a date or just enjoying some playtime in your bedroom. Light up your most intimate moments with this feminine day collar choker that will go with you wherever you want to go.