Meet the Madame Collection of Lacy Intimates

Madame. A title. An adjective used to describe a women of an artistic or exotic occupation.  A french-inspired term used to address a woman.  However you employ this word, allow yourself to explore the meaning with the latest collection inspired to bring softness and beauty to your favorite looks. A soft intricate elastic details each tye making it an unique and feminine accent no matter what you wear it with. Ahead is the collection overview and as well as style inspiration to incorporate into your favorite looks.

The Madame Ankletye Lacy Anklet

Step with femininity and sweetness in this lacy bow anklet inspired by the Madame in you.  This lacy bow anklet features a soft satin and intricate elastic that you can wear over bare ankles or even over boots with a generous extender chain that allows you to customize the fit so it's just right.

The Madame Hairtye Lacy Hair Bow

Touch your look with a hint of irresistible femininity in this lacy hair bow designed to sweeten your look effortlessly.  This beautiful hair bow features an intricate elastic trim mixed with a soft satin designed to create beauty and softness wherever this world takes you.

 The Madame Niptyes Lacy Bow Nipple Clamps

Explore the power of the sweetest of sensation with the Madame lacy bow nipple clamps inspired to light up the Madame in you.  These handcrafted bow nipple clamps feature an intricate elastic and soft satin with a flexible nipple clamp that is comfortable for all body types.

The Madame Lacy Handcuffs

Discover the magic of sweet surrender with the Madame Lacy Handcuffs inspired to light up your most intimate moments with sweetness and love.  These satin ribbon handcuffs feature an intricate elastic details and soft satin tyes you can easily employ over your wrists or ankles.