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Artículo: Taken with Bridal Bow Bracelets

Taken with Bridal Bow Bracelets

When it's time to walk down the aisle, whether you're holding a dress train or walking into a wedding chapel with Elvis, take everyone's breath away with bridal bow bracelets. These sweet and feminine jewelry accessories are a beautiful way to accent everything you touch. From saying "I Do" to dancing the night away, having a solid and beautiful bow bracelet on your arm is a way to delight your style. The Tyelets Collection of feminine bow bracelets features a variety of different bow bracelets that you can take with you anywhere you please. Ahead are three bow bracelets you should consider when you want to take everyones breath away.

Doll Bridal Bow Bracelet

Discover beauty in elegance with this simple and feminine bow bracelet from the Doll Collection. This bow bracelet features so satin tye with a comfortable wristband. Wear this on your wedding day, give it to your bridesmaids or take it on your honeymoon, no matter where you wear it you'll take sweetness with you everywhere.

Princesa Sparkly White Bow Bracelet

Sparkle and shine the way you were meant to in this sparkly bow bracelet from the Princesa Collection. A sparkly rhinestone mesh bracelet features a bold satin tye that you can wear with your wedding dress or honeymoon lingerie. Delight your wrists with beautiful style in the Princesa bridal bow bracelet.

Femme Fatale White Bow Bracelet

When you want to blend sophistication and sensual sweetness, choose the Femme Fatale Bridal bow bracelet from the Femme Fatale Collection. This simple bridal bow bracelet is inspired by traditional menswear but can't help but radiate beauty and elegance. Wear it with your evening dress or lacy nothing, no matter what you wear it with you'll enjoy sophistication and style.

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