Underboob Accents with the Beltyes Bow Belts Collection

You might've seen it. On the beach. By the pool. Or even dancing in your favorite night club.  The underboob trend is when a sliver of the under part of the boob is showing. Whether it's a top that's just a bit too small or a swimsuit with less than full coverage, the underboob trend might be something you want to try or maybe you are just a bit too shy? That's just fine because you can still accent your  underboob without actually showing anything at all.  The Beltyes Collection of bow belts are designed to be super adjustable so you can accessorize this trend without showing any extra skin.  Ahead are three bow belts that you should consider when you want to try the underboob without the underboob. 

The Menage A Trois Bow Belt

Why have two when you can have three?  Inspired by the menage a trois, this satin bow belt is a beautiful way to accent your empire waist without showing any skin.  Three handcrafted satin tyes accent a satin band with an adjustable strap so you can wear it just as you wish.

The Heartbreaker Bow Belt

Break hearts anywhere you go with this irresistibly feminine bow belt designed to light up your look with femininity and sensuality.  Wear this feminine bow belt around your favorite dresses, body suits or perhaps just around with bare skin.  Sensual accessorizing has never been this fun.

The Pinup Bow Belt

Interject playfulness into your favorite looks with this adjustable bow belt from the Pinup Collection.  This flirty and feminine bow belt features a handcrafted satin tye and satin waist band to delight your underboob area without having to show any skin.  Discover the magic of accessorizing with this playful bow belt.