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Artículo: Work It With Bow Earrings

Work It With Bow Earrings

It's that time again. It's time to go back to work. Whether it's heading into the office, meeting a client at a job site or taking your kids to the museum, it's time to get back to the routine. But this time, make it different. The Eartyes Collection of feminine bow earrings are designed to sweeten any look with effortless elegance that you can take with you anywhere. From the office to a night on the town, this collection of bow earrings will go with you wherever you want to go. Ahead are three bow earrings that you should consider when you want to sweeten your day or night. 

The XO Black Eartyes Bow Earrings

Kiss any look with femininity and playfulness with these undeniably sweet bow earrings from the XO Collection. These black bow earrings feature a satin tye with earwires that dangle with playfulness anywhere you go. Wear these black bow earrings with your favorite business suit, lacy nothing or whatever your heart desires. The XO black bow earrings will sweeten your look anywhere you want to go.

Marie Antoinette Black Pearl Bow Earrings

Discover where luxury meets femininity with the black velvet pearl bow earrings from the Marie Antoinette Collection. These beautifully versatile bow earrings feature a luxurious pearl teardrop and handcrafted velvet tyes that will sweeten any look with classic elegance that you can enjoy anytime you wish.

The Honey Pink Bow Earrings

Light up your favorite looks effortlessly with these petite pink bow earrings from the Honey Collection. These feminine pink bow earrings feature handcrafted satin tyes and a leverback earwire that you can comfortably wear anywhere you wish. Pair these pink bow earrings with your favorite lacy nothing or business attire, these pink bow earrings are the best companion wherever you want to go!

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