Image Use Policy

TYES BY TARA, LLC Trademarks, service marks and logos represent intellectual property rights owned by TYES BY TARA, LLC and as such are valued assets. As the owner we must carefully monitor and control the use of the assets to ensure consistency and association with TYES BY TARA, LLC. By using any TYES BY TARA, LLC said assets, you are acknowledging that TYES BY TARA, LLC is the sole owner and agree that you will not harm, misuse, or bring into disrepute any TYES BY TARA assets and that the goodwill, if any, derived from your use of any TYES BY TARA, LLC assets exclusively inures to the benefit of and belongs to TYES BY TARA, LLC.


These guidelines apply to TYES BY TARA, LLC authorized retailers, resellers, distributor wholesalers, customers, licensees, consultants, bloggers, influencers and other third parties who TYES BY TARA, LLC has authorization to use such assets, “authorized users.”


When referring to TYES BY TARA, LLC products, use applicable asset and ensure that references are truthful, fair, not misleading, accurate and not to be incorporated into your or other product trademarks or anything that is confusingly similar.

Authorized Usage

When using TYES BY TARA, LLC assets you agree that you will only use them they way they are intended to be used. Any marketing and advertising materials creates using said assets must be approved by TYES BY TARA, LLC. Design elements such as color scheme, fonts and other design elements must be properly employed. TYES BY TARA, LLC has an obligation to ensure the nature and quality of all goods sold, offered or rendered by for it or it’s authorized users meet certain quality standards to maintain the goodwill and reputation of assets. Accordingly, all authorized users have an obligation to ensure the accuracy, quality and representation to conform to these standards.