3 #BFF Gifts You Should Know About

Sometimes you need a friend.  Someone you can tell all your secrets to, to vent when things get hard, to hug when you need some love.  Friends are worth more than any dollar sign and true friends will last a lifetime.  When you want to show your #BFF how much you care, a material gift is a beautiful keepsake they can keep and make them feel seen and special.  Even though friendship is more than a material gift could ever be, there are a few gift ideas that they will love no matter what they are going through.  A bad breakup.  A loss.  Friction at their job.  There are gifts that will help cheer them up, boost their confidence, and remind them of how awesome of a person you are.  Read on to discover 3 #BFF gifts you should know about when your friend needs a little material love:

 XO Bow Ring

#BFF Gift Ideas • XO Bow Ring 

What is something that you can wear anywhere and that will remind you of something?  A ribbon around your finger.  Yes, the old adage is true and the XO bow ring is a perfect fit!  This adjustable bow ring can be worn on any finger your heart desires and is perfect for a #BFF gift because it's affordable, versatile and will remind them that they are supported, loved and valued.  

#BFF Gift Ideas • Honey Bow Earrings

Sweet like honey.  Yes you are.  And your #BFF is too!  Why not get matching pairs of the Honey bow earrings! These handcrafted satin tye earrings with a unique leverback earwire is a beautiful way to create a feminine statement effortlessly.  Wear these flirty and feminine bow earrings with you day and night and let them remind you of your friendship and support you in style.

 #BFF Gift Ideas • Hickey Bow Bracelet 

Leave a mark wherever you go with this simple and feminine bow bracelet from the Hickey Collection!  Inspired by the act of leaving a hickey, this versatile bow bracelet is a perfect #BFF gift because it fits many sizes, it's versatile and always within eyesight to act as a reminder of your friendship.  Why not get matching ones?  Give the gift of friendship with this feminine and simple bow bracelet.


love, tara