All Business: 4 Ways to Enhance Your Productivity

Sometimes you just need to get it done.  Whether you are at work, running through your errands or doing tasks at home, staying productive and maintaining it can sometimes be challenging.  Embrace your day and make each moment count with the help of these useful techniques that help you maintain focus and stay on track.


Batching is a time management technique where you batch or group similar tasks that require similar resources together at once.  This not only saves time but also increases your focus on the family of tasks at hand. Time blocking also underpins this productivity method by allowing specified amount of time to perform these tasks.


Standing while performing your work can also increase your productivity.  You also stay more alert and focused at the task at hand.  This also reduces fatigue because you won't be slouching over your desk.  This energizes your muscles making you more awake and ready to tackle what's next.


Incorporating a productivity tool is another way to help increase your productivity.  Whether it's Evernote or Google Docs, using digital tools to help you plan and organize your day is setting you up for success.  Time blocking and prioritizing your tasks is a great thing to do in the morning, and throughout the day you can make revisions as your day unfolds.


Mental preparedness is another big factor in your productivity.  Having a sense of urgency is an important part of having the focus you need to achieve the things you want.  Maintaining a positive, relaxed mindset is the mental environment where creativity flourishes. 

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