Fall in Love: Lingerie Accessories & Feminine Sensuals

It's such a beautiful time of year.  The leaves are fall, the temperatures are dropping and change is all around us.  This time of year is a great time to mix the seasons together a bit to make the most out of last season's wardrobe with the new season's wardrobe.  Deciding what you want to carry forward with you and what items you would like to purge can be a bit tricky.  That is why layering the old with the new can give you the maximum amount of look out of your wardrobe. Lingerie accessories and feminine sensuals are a beautiful way to enjoy summer and look trendy in fall.  Lingerie harnesses, body chains and leg garters are some unique feminine accessories that you can really use all year long.  Here are a few lingerie accessories and feminine sensuals to light up your boudoir this fall:


Light up your look with feminine sensuality in the Honey Bra Chain!  This ultra-feminine bra chain is a beautiful feminine accessory that you can wear over a shirt, over your bra or with nothing at all.  This makes a beautiful statement when you are out and about or a sets a seductive tone in your boudoir. Whichever way you decide to wear this bra chain, your look will radiate femininity and style.  This bra chain features two satin tyes and lead-free chain that define the torso for a sweet accessorizing experience. 


Define your style with undeniable femininity in the Vanity body chain!  This feminine accessory is a beautiful way to transform a simple shirt, dress or lingerie set.  Soft satin tyes accent the shoulders while lead-free chain creates the illusion of a shelf bra around the torso.  Delight your look effortlessly with the Vanity body chain!  This feminine body chain features a satin tye closure to ensure a customizable fit.


There's no stopping feminine style than with the Centerfold leg garters!  These flirty and luxuriously sensual leg garters are a beautiful and unique way to accessorize.  These pearl leg garters feature a luxurious pearl strand that encircles the thighs while a soft elastic band with a handcrafted satin tyes forms to your thighs to create a feminine and flawless finish.  Enjoy this lingerie accessory out on the streets or in your boudoir.