Feminine Accessories for a Winter Getaway

Escaping the routine and exploring different areas of your life are an important part of getting to know yourself better.  Maybe you have new opportunities to explore or fears that become uncovered, getting out of your natural space and into something new is great to do during the pressure of the Holiday Season.  All the shopping, short tempers and long lines can really bring you down.  So finding a way to recenter, whether it's a long hot bath or a trip to Hawaii, is important to do when life gets hectic.  Finding little things to bring with you along the way are important keepsakes to remind yourself to celebrate and cherish all that you have.  Feminine accessories, like bow belts, bra chains and anklets are subtle yet important ways to style for when you want to get out of your normal style routine and into something new.  Here are a few must-have feminine accessories to take your style from everyday to amazing:


Flirtation never looked so sweet than with the Princesa bow anklet!  This popular and sparkly bow anklet is the perfect way to accessorize any cocktail dress, swimsuit or lingerie set.  This bow anklet features a handcrafted satin tye and sparkly rhinestone mesh anklet to give your style some glam and a lot of femininity.  Wear this beautiful bow anklet with whatever your heart desires. 


Flirt without a word in this ultra-feminine waist chain designed to bring a little sweetness to whatever you wear and wherever you go!  The Honey Beltye bow waist chain features a handcrafted satin tye and lead-free chain that encircles the waist for a versatile finish.  Wear this to the front, back or side to create a beautiful and feminine finish effortlessly and instantly.


Introduce sensual sweetness into your life with this must-have bra chain from the Honey Collection!  This beautifully handcrafted bra chain features handcrafted satin tyes and lead-free chain to create a look that is undeniably feminine.  Wear this bra chain with your feature tube top, dress or swimsuit to make your next escape even sweeter.