Hello Doll 🎀 Flirtatiously Feminine Jewelry & Accessories

A doll.  Some girls had a doll when had them when we were young.  And some did not.  It's a symbol of a standard that we hold ourselves too.  An ideal.  An expectation.  Whatever that may be.  It's a strong symbol in childhood and may last through young adulthood of this standard that we gauge ourselves against.  The Doll Collection is designed to make yourself feel like you've already surpassed this standard, that you are already perfect and everything that you should be.  Self-acceptance and understanding your self-worth is such an important and essential mental and physical wellbeing.  You are a doll, we all are.  Here is a look at each item in the collection:

Doll Collection of Feminine Jewelry and Accessories


Flirt with your own sensuality in this evocatively stylish bow necklace from the Doll Collection!  This feminine and versatile bow necklace is perfect to wear with you to work, out for cocktails or with your favorite lingerie set.  Highlight your neck and shoulders in the most sensual way with this dramatically feminine bow necklace.  Wear these flirty bow necklace with a collared shirt, a tube top or perhaps nothing at all:)


 Make everything you touch a little sweeter with this ultra-feminine and beautifully versatile bow ring!  This bow ring features a handcrafted satin tye and adjustable ring band so that you can wear it whenever your heart desires.  Designed to be bold and feminine, this cocktail bow ring is perfect to wear to your next cocktail party.  Warning, you *may* get a lot of compliments!


 Sweeten any hairstyle with this versatile and beautiful hair bow comb that will transform any look you desire.  The Doll Hairtye hair bow comb features a handcrafted satin tye and salon style comb so that you can insert this into a messy ponytail, a teacher style bun or with any hairstyle you desire.  You doll!


Blossom the way you should with these feminine and delightfully sensual nipple covers from the Doll Collection!  These flirty nipple covers feature handcrafted satin tyes and a soft felt backing so you can wear them again and again!  These sensually sweet nipple covers make the perfect gift for the special someone or when you need to celebrate the doll that you are:)