Intimate Sensual Jewelry: Say It All Without Saying A Thing

One might think it's a little taboo.  It's a little unknown.  It's kinda kinky but kinda exciting and experimental all at the same time.  Intimate sensual jewelry can be intimating at first.  Some of them look like tweezer made of cold steel and look like they were made in a doctor's office while others feature feminine accents like feathers and rhinestones but you are not too sure how to wear them.  Sensual intimate jewelry is a category in fashion that often goes unnoticed.  Whether you love it, hate it or want more of it, is up to you.  That is why the Intimates Collection introduces a way to explore intimate jewelry without having to worry about the application or the pain.  Enjoying your sensuality is a beautiful thing, so why not explore it with jewelry that helps you highlight it.  The Niptyes Collection is a beautiful way to explore your wildest desires without intimidation nor pain.  Here is a few items of sensual intimate jewelry to introduce in your most passionate moments:

Intimate Sensual Jewelry Nipple Clamps

Bombshell Nipple Clamps 

Enjoy sensuality like never before with the Bombshell nipple clamps!  These flirty and feminine accessory is designed to introduce you to nipple accessories without needing a piercing.  These flirty nipple clamps simply clamp onto your nipple with a flexible clamp design so you can put them on or take them off whenever your heart desires.  A handcrafted satin tye completes this look for a touch of extra flirtation.  Enjoy your sensuality like never before with sensual intimate jewelry.

Vice Nipple Clamps

Discover your vice with these ultra-feminine nipple clamps designed to highlight your femininity.  The Vice nipple clamps are a perfect way to explore intimate jewelry as they feature non-piercing clamps that you can easily put on or take off anytime you please.  Soft, handcrafted satin tyes and lead-free chain completes this look with femininity and sensuality.

Secrets Nipple Clamps 

Let's keep this a secret😉 The Secrets nipple clamps are beautifully handmade nipple accessories that allow you to explore your sensuality without the permanency nor investment of a piercing.  The Secrets nipple clamps feature handcrafted organza tyes and a flexible horseshoe clamp so you can enjoy this secret whenever you please.  It's our secret.