Light It Up✨ Starlet Bridal Jewelry, Accessories & Intimates

Make your big day a little brighter with the feminine touches of the of the Starlet Collection bridal-inspired jewelry, accessories and intimates.  Treat yourself and your bridesmaids to undeniable sweet style by adding this collection to your bridal party.  Create a cohesive look instantly by strategically adding these bridal-inspired accessories on your big day.  The Starlet Collection is inspired by the bight lights of Hollywood, old glamour and modern edge.  This originally fresh collection is designed to highlight your bridal style with sweet femininity.  Allow these bridal accessories to be a special keepsake of your big day.  Here is a closer look at each item in the collection:


Treat your thighs to the sweetest of accents in this undeniably modern bridal leg garter!  Wear this bridal leg garter under it all!  The soft elastic loop makes for a comfortable and customizable fit so you can wear it all day and all night long!  This bridal leg garter is the perfect accent to your most memorable moments.


Create a sensual statement with these bright and beautifully feminine nipple clamps!  Non-commital and flirty, these feminine nipple clamps feature a star-shaped tye with a horseshoe-shaped nipple clamp so you can wear them any time you desire.  Surprise the one you love with these bridal-inspired nipple clamps!


Flirt with each step you take in this ultra-feminine bow anklet.  Walk down the aisle with the most feminine of accents.  This bridal-inspired bow anklet features handcrafted satin tyes with edgy yet sweet accents to give your look an original and beautifully feminine finish.


Create a flirty finish with this beautifully feminine bow belt from the Starlet Collection!  This bow belt is the perfect keepsake that you can wear on your wedding day, anniversary, honeymoon or whenever you want to create some sweet sparks.  This bow belt features handcrafted tyes with dovetail accents to give your look a feminine and original style.