Lingerie Accessories for #Werk

What to wear to #werk?  This is a common question that has a lot of different answers.  Depending on your work environment and work dress code, you may have a lot of flexibility to get creative.  There are a lot of different tools you can also use to plan out your wardrobe and optimize all the beautiful things in your wardrobe.  But one thing you might not have considered is wearing lingerie accessories to #werk.  Yes, lingerie accessories.  These naughty little things can really play a number on your look and make any look feminine, flirty and still professional.  The Bodtyes Collection of lingerie harnesses are all handcrafted and designed with versatility in mind.  Whether you are heading into a meeting or going on an executive retreat or sitting behind a phone all day, you have the power to control what you wear and how you feel.  And, that my friend, is the key to creating a feeling of confidence that will get you through the day.  Here are 3 lingerie harnesses that you can instantly infuse into your professional look:

 Lingerie Harnesses

Lingerie Harness | Lady Bodtye 

Discover beauty in versatility with this ultra-feminine lingerie harness designed to highlight your curves.  The Lady lingerie harness features intricate elastic and handcrafted tyes that make for the perfect lingerie accessory that you can wear anytime you please.  Enjoy femininity and versatility in this simple lingerie harness.

Lingerie Harness | French Kiss Bodtye

Kiss your torso with the sweetest of accents in the French Kiss bodtye designed to highlight your look with femininity.  This sensual lingerie harness features a creamy glass pearl strand that cascades down the torso for a beautiful look.  Wear this feminine lingerie harness with your favorite collared shirt or blouse!

Lingerie Harness | Hickey Bodtye

Make your mark with seductive sweetness in this flirty and feminine lingerie harness designed to make the most of any look you desire.  This versatile lingerie harness features a handcrafted satin tye and soft thin elastic that you can wear anyway you want.  Pair this lingerie harness with your favorite pencil shirt or slacks.