Lovely Locks: How To Promote Hair Growth

Trends may come and go but healthy hair is here to stay.  There is something impactful and innately feminine about having lovely locks.  In fact, history proves that femininity and hair have long been associated together.  If you have ever read the fairytale Rapunzel, you know what I am talking about. 

However, achieving beautiful hair isn't always easy.  Dry conditions can lead to breakage while an unhealthy diet can cause hair growth to go stagnant.  With a plethora of different hair aids and tools in the marketplace, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the options available today.  So here are few simple shifts that you can make to help your hair grow.


Switching from a plastic to a wooden brush can help distribute your hairs' natural oils in the ways that a plastic brush can't.  They are also far gentler on the hair shaft which means less breakage! Yay! Find one with little balls at the end of each bristle, this will help increase scalp circulation which promotes hair growth.


Switching from a towel to a t-shirt to dry your hair will help keep your hair from overdrying that you might experience with normal terry cloth towels.  Keeping it wrapped up in the t-shirt for 10-20 minutes will help lock in extra moisture that your hair needs.  Finding a t-shirt that is 100% cotton is the best.


While you are catching some zzzs, help your hair with the luxurious touch of a silk pillowcase. Not only does silk help retain your hair's moisture, it also causes less friction and lets your hair flow more freely that a standard cotton one does.  Plus, who doesn't love silk sheets!  So sexy! Meow.

Hopefully, these few simple shifts in your hair care routine will help maximize your hair growth.  Eating healthy and weekly scalp massages are also essential in helping your hair grow.  Now it's time to celebrate your lovely locks with a few of my favorite hair accessories: