Most Popular Anklets: The Summer Accessory

Trends are like seasons. Some trends come and go.  And some trends that keep coming back season after season.  Anklets are back again this summer and are making their way into summer wardrobes.  Whether you are wearing flip flips or kitten heels, accessorizing with an anklet is a great way to make a statement.  Here are some of our most popular anklets this summer season:


Inspired by lingerie harnesses, the Invitation anklet is clean and sophisticated with a hint of sensual femininity.  Soft elastic encircles the ankle while a handcrafted satin tye accents to give this anklet an undeniably feminine finish.  Wear it with your favorite cocktail dress or lingerie set or an accessory that will get your look a feminine finish.


Sometimes you just need a little sparkle in your step.  The Princesa anklet is inspired by beautiful princess tiaras and is designed to capture your radiance.  A rhinestone mesh band encircles the ankle while a handcrafted satin tye accents the anklet for a flirty and beautiful finish.  So versatile you can wear it to the beach or out on the town.  Sparkle the way you are meant to.


Flirt with each step in the Fringe with Benefits anklets!  This dramatic pair of fringe anklets is a playful yet sensual way to accessorize your look!  Flirty fringe dance with each step you take.  A perfect accessory to wear when you go out dancing!  Pair these flirty anklets with your favorite cocktail dress or sexy capris!  You will not get bored when you wear these anklets!  You may even want to learn how to sashay!