Sensual Intimate Sensations: Explore Nipple Clamps Like Never Before

If you are beginning to explore intimate jewelry, the Niptye nipple clamp collection is the perfect start.  These non-commital sensual delights are designed to allow you to explore nipple jewelry without any piercings. You can take them off or put them on as you please.  Niptye nipple clamps also deliver the sweetest of sensations to ignite your imagination with passion.  Wear them under a shirt, high waisted underwear or with nothing at all.  Here are a few Niptye nipple clamps that are perfect to add to your lingerie wardrobe:


Unleash your inner bombshell with these ultra-feminine bow nipple clamps from the Bombshell Collection!  Flirty satin tyes accent flexible nipple clamps secure onto the nipples' for a sensually sweet finish.  Surprise someone you love or gift them a sensual gift, the Bombshell niptyes nipple clamps are the perfect way to try out intimate jewelry.  Wear these flirty nipple clamps under a sheer shirt to pique someone's curiosity.


Inspired your inner pinup with these handcrafted satin pin-dotted niptye nipple clamps! These flirtatious tyes accent a flexible nipple clamp so that you can wear them whenever your heart desires.  Perfect for a surprise strip tease or for when you are feeling yourself, these flirty sensual intimates are a great way to explore intimate jewelry while being playful and having fun with it!

SECRETS NIPPLE CLAMPS's our secret.  The Secrets niptyes nipple clamps are dainty intimate accessories that squeeze onto the nipple to deliver the sweetest of sensations.  Wear them under a shirt, your favorite boudoir set or with nothing at all.  These also make the perfect gift for someone you love or treat yourself to something sweet.  The Secrets nipple clamps are a great way to explore your sweet sensuality.  The Secrets niptye nipple clamps make wearing intimate jewelry discrete and fun!