Sensual Surprises: Niptyes Nipple Clamps

Have you ever pondered the idea of sensual jewelry but never really tried it because it looked too painful?   The surgical-looking instruments that adjustable to your nipple can be a little intimidating. Now you can flirt with your sensuality in an experiential and welcoming way with our Niptyes nipple clamps collection.  Designed for the beginner in mind, the niptyes nipple clamps feature a flexible horseshoe-shaped clamp to secure onto your nipple.  The more you clamp, the stronger the hold.  You are in control. Plus, they are fun to wear!   

Here are a few ideas on how to wear your Niptyes Nipple Clamps:


Amp up your sensual appeal by wearing your Niptyes nipple clamps under a business blazer!  A blazer, or even a cardigan, provides you with the space you need for your Niptye nipple clamps to stay securely in place while giving you the ability to get a little flashy.  Let the sweet sensations of these nipple clamps give your sensual appeal you crave and the surprise they will never expect.


Wearing a Low V Shirt is another great option to wear with your Niptye nipple clamps.  The structure of this shirt makes it look like your nipples are pierced, but they are not!  This is perfect to wear with the Kinkette Niptyes.  The chain caresses the torso while the nipple clamps deliver security and sensual sensations.  


Feeling a little frisky?   Wearing a sheer shirt with your Niptyes nipple clamps is a great way to show off this sensual look without sacrificing the desire for a little more coverage.  This is perfect for your next striptease or boudoir session.  Sheer shirts can be found in lots of different styles and colors, try to get a shirt of the opposite color so that they stand out a little bit more.  

Here are some of my must-have Niptye nipple clamps