Styling With Lingerie Harnesses

When it comes to styling your look, there are a lot of options today to choose from.  Let's face it, there are so many ways you can style your look the options are endless.  Whether you are adding a belt, sporting a new hair chain or adding dangling earrings to highlight your neck, the options for accessorizing are far and wide.  Deciding what to accessorize and how to styling it takes balance, creativity and confidence.  But there is a new accessory type that allows you to instantly transform your look while taking the boudoir out into the world:  the Lingerie Harness.  This intimate accessory is a beautiful way to blend the hidden with the seen, the daring with the safe and the bold with the subtle.  Here are a few lingerie harnesses that are sensual style accessories that you can use to transform your accessorizing strategy:


Flatter your torso with this menswear-inspired lingerie harness designed to bring the unexpected and the daring to your look.  Wear this beautifully crafted lingerie harness with your favorite white collared shirt, lingerie set or nothing at all!  The Femme Fatale lingerie harness is designed to bring out the sensual confidence in any look.  This lingerie harness features a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic waistband for a flattering and feminine finish.


 Define your look with sweet luxury in this ultra-feminine lingerie harness designed to bring luxury and style to your look.  Featuring a creamy glass pearl strand that defines and highlights the chest and torso and soft elastic straps to make this intimate accessory fabulous to wear over and over again!  Wear this lingerie harness under a low cut shirt, dress or nothing at all!


Treat your torso to the sweetest of details in the Highness Lingerie Harness!  This ultra-feminine lingerie harness brings sensuality and flirtation to any look.  Featuring a soft satin tye and elastic straps, this lingerie harness is perfect to wear with a collared shirt, dress, blouse, lingerie set or nothing at all!