Accessorizing with Feminine Heel Accessories ūüéÄ

High heels have been around for a long time.  Like a really, really long time.  In fact, some sources state that even  ancient Romans wore them to keep their feet elevated away for performances and even as a way to identify prostitution.  It wasn't until a petite French queen, Catherine de Medici, wore them them for fashion purposes instead of utility purposes.  High heels are, and will continue to be, a fashion staple in women's wardrobes.  Not only do they evoke a since of feminine style but also something that is classic beyond her lifetime.  Enjoy every step you take by accessorizing your high heels with the Heeltyes Collection of feminine heel accessories.  No matter if you are simply going out with friends or a formal midnight gala, these feminine accessories are the perfect way to discover style again and again. These flirty and feminine accessories are designed to light up your steps with grace and elegance.  Make every step you take count with this accessory collection devoted to lighting up your style.  Here are 3 heel accessories you should consider incorporating into your look any day your heart desires:

Feminine Shoe Bow Accessories

Hickey Heeltyes | Shoe Bow Accessories 

ÔĽŅMake your mark with every step you take in these handcrafted shoe bow accessories designed to light up your look.¬† Handcrafted satin tyes mingle with a soft elastic strap that you can easily wear around your heels, ankles or calves.¬† Petite yet impactful, these flirty shoe bows are a must have to make any pair of heels a little bit sweeter.

Doll Heeltyes | Shoe Bow Accessories 

Discover femininity in every step you take with these flirty shoe bows that will go with you wherever you go!  The Doll shoe bows feature handcrafted satin tyes with exaggerated tails so they wisp around with every move you make for an extra bit of feminine flirtation.  Wear these flirty shoe bows with your favorite kicks any time you desire!

XO Heeltyes | Bold Shoe Bow Accessories 

Kiss each step with femininity and style in these must have black shoe bows designed to make a statement wherever you go!  Enjoy flirtation and femininity in these handcrafted heel accessories that you can easily wear around any pair of heels that need that little bit of extra Xx

love, tara

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