Bow Bracelets for the Win

The Superbowl is over.  Spring is almost here.  It's a wonderful time to reassess your jewelry wardrobe.  Wearing feminine jewelry, like bow bracelets, makes for a beautiful statement that you can take with you anywhere.  Bow bracelets that you can wear to work, out to play or even with nothing else at all.  Investing in a few feminine jewelry pieces will allow you to transform your look and instantly accessorize without much effort.  Flirty with your femininity with the Tyelet bow bracelet collection!  Using a wide variety of materials and looks, you can go big or keep it subtle.  The options are all yours with the Tyelet bow bracelet collection!  Here is a look at a few bow bracelets you need for your jewelry wardrobe:

 Bow Bracelet Feminine Jewelry

Hickey Bow Bracelet

Flirt with simplicity in the Hickey bow bracelet!  This versatile and feminine bow bracelet features a handcrafted satin tye and satin wristband so that you can take this with you wherever you decide to go.  This bow bracelet is inspired by the soft yet impactful of a hickey.  Intimate yet innocent, the Hickey bow bracelet makes the perfect bracelet for any time and anywhere.

Femme Fatale Bow Bracelet Cuff 

Be as bold as you want to be with the Femme Fatale bow bracelet cuff!  This beautifully feminine yet stunningly bold bow bracelet cuffs is perfect to wear for a night out, in your boudoir or whenever you need a little sweetness.  The Femme Fatale bow bracelet has an elasticized fit so you can wear it all day and all night.  Flirt with your femininity in the Femme Fatale bow bracelet. 

Chantilly Lace Bow Bracelet 

Lace your look with sweet femininity in the Chantilly bow bracelet!  This lace bow bracelet is ultra-feminine and makes it perfect to pair with a little black dress or lingerie set.  This also makes the perfect gift for the female in your life.  The Chantilly lace bow bracelet features beautiful metallic lace and handcrafted satin tye so you can wear it when you want to feel feminine, confident and independent.