Feminine Jewelry For A Night Out✨

The lights are on.  The night is young.  But before you head out into the world, it's time to evaluate your jewelry and accessories.  Whether you are being all casual or want to turn it up a notch, having a variety of feminine jewelry pieces will amplify your wardrobe.  Perfect to add to a simple outfit or make a bold statement with a wrist cuff, necklace or earrings.  Feminine jewelry can not only transform your look but also introduce your style to new ways of accessorizing. However, you decide to accessorize for a night out, explore your femininity with the sweetest of accents with the Jewelry Collection.  Here are a few items from the collection:

Feminine Jewelry


 Give your look the respect it deserves with this irresistibly feminine bow necklace from the Do Me Proper Collection!   This collection features a beautiful array of sweetly feminine accents, like this bow necklace, that is designed to highlight your decollete with a menswear-inspired look but with a feminine twist.  Flirt with your style in this beautiful bow necklace that can be worn under a collared shirt, with a tube top or your favorite cocktail dress!


Experience sweet luxury with the Marie Antoinette earrings.  This beautifully handcrafted bow earrings feature handcrafted velvet tyes and a creamy glass teardrop pearl that you can wear for your next night out.  A classic look that is seemingly versatile, the Marie Antoinette bow earrings make the perfect companion with you wherever this world takes you.


Leave your mark with this simple and feminine bow bracelet from the Hickey Collection!  This versatile piece of feminine jewelry is a beautiful way to create a multitude of different looks effortlessly.   Simply wear this bow bracelet with your favorite cocktail dress or play it casually.  No matter what you decide to wear with your Hickey bow bracelet, the style is in the details.