Feminines Accessories to Reinvent Your Wardrobe Everyday

That transitional time.  From the hottest days to the coolest nights, fall is a beautiful time of year that can challenge your wardrobe.  What should you wear for such a broad spectrum of temperatures?  Layering, sure that can work.  But what about styling?  That is the beauty behind having feminine accessories in your wardrobe.  Not only will they help reinvent your wardrobe everyday, this will be a great source of inspiration and help you redefine your style.  Enjoy a little femininity, elegance and style during this special time of year and allow them to answer your wardrobe questions.  Whether you want to add a simple belt or transform your shoes, having a solid collection of feminine accessories can make a big different in your look and your day!  Enjoy accessorizing like never before with the Accessories Collection designed to make your look fresh and new no matter where you wear it.  Here are 3 feminine accessories that you should have in your wardrobe so you can reinvent it as you wish:

 Feminine Accessories

Feminine Accessories | Enchantress Bow Belt

Designed to evoke the enchantress in you, this beautifully feminine bow belt is designed to light up your wardrobe with femininity and elegance.  The Enchantress bow belt features a handcrafted satin tye and soft adjustable belt so that you can wear it to the front, back or side.  Reinvent your look any way you like!

Feminine Accessories | XO Shoe Bows

Delight each step you take with the feminine touch of the XO shoe bows!  These undeniably feminine shoe bows further a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic band so you can wear them around your ankles, calves or heels.  Enjoy accessories effortlessly with these ultra-feminine shoe accessories!

Feminine Accessories | Lady Bow Adult Headband

Flirt without a word in these intricately feminine headbands designed to light up your look with style and femininity.  The Lady bow adult headband features a beautiful intricate elastic and a handcrafted tye detail that you can wear to the front, to the back or off to the side.  Reinvent your look instantly with this beautifully feminine hair accessory!

love, tara