For Your Highness🥂 Feminine Jewelry & Accessories

When you were younger have you ever wanted to be a princess?  A Queen?  Did you look at the Queen of England and wish you had it all like her?  This lust. This desire.  This admiration is what the Highness Collection is all about.  With a range of feminine jewelry and accessories designed to crown a variety of different looks and styles, this collection is beautiful to way to accessorize without much effort.  Using clean lines and simple designs, this collection is as feminine as it is versatile.  Perfect to wear to work or just lounging around your boudoir, allow the beauty of the Highess Collection takes you anywhere.  Here is a look at a few items in the collection:

 Highness Collection of Feminine Jewelry and Accessories

Feminine Jewelry & Accessories | Highness Black Bow Headband

Delight any look with femininity and style in this ultra-versatile black bow headband designed to bring out the best hairstyles!  This handcrafted black bow headband features a soft satin tye and elastic band that encircles the head for a look that you can create again and again.  Enjoy feminine accessorizing like never before with this ultra-feminine black bow headband!

Feminine Jewelry & Accessories | Highness Black Bow Ring

Make everything you touch just a little sweeter, like the royalty that you are, in this flirty and feminine black bow ring!  The Highness black bow ring features an adjustable ring band so you can wear it on any finger you desire.  Flirt with your femininity effortlessly with this beautiful black bow ring!

Feminine Jewelry & Accessories | Highness Leg Garters

Exhibit your feminine style again and again with these flirty and feminine black bow leg garters designed to light up any look you like.  Wear them under a short skirt or with nothing at all.  The options are all yours, after all, you are the highness 🥂

love, tara