Go Your Own Way✨ Feminine Heel Accessories

Have you ever heard the saying, "fashion doesn't make you perfect, but it makes you pretty?"  While this might be true, fashion does help you in more ways than you realize.  It helps you with your confidence, your emotional state or even I'd go as far as with your mental health.  Because when you look good, you feel good and isn't that what fashion is all about?  That is the inspiration behind the Heeltyes Collection of feminine heel accessories.  These simple and seductive fashion accessories are designed to transform every step you take!  Yes and yes! These flirty heel accessories feature a handcrafted tye and elastic fit so that it customizes to your heels, your ankles or even your calves.  Enjoy this refreshing way to accessorize again and again by adding them to your favorite kicks.  Discover your own sense of style and fashion by adding them however you like!  Here are a few feminine heel accessories to consider adding to your accessory wardrobe:

Hickey Heeltyes | Feminine Heel Accessories 

Make your mark on the world with these simple and sweet heel accessories designed to light up each step you take. The Hickey heel accessories feature a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic strap that you can wear around your high heels, your ankles or even your calves.  There is no stopping seduction with these versatile and seductive feminine heel accessories!

Lady Heeltyes | Feminine Heel Accessories 

Look like the lady you are with these undeniably feminine heel accessories designed to transform your steps.  The Lady Heeltyes are apart of the Lady Collection which is inspired by all things feminine, elegance and simple.  Available in pink, white and black, these flirty and feminine heel accessories are the perfect way to make each step you take a little more stylish and fashionable.  Enjoy them anytime you want a little femininity in your look!

love, tara