Most Wanted 🖤 Erotic Accessories

What defines erotic?  Is it something that mystifies you?  Excites you?  Makes you lust after?  Erotic is a mixture of emotions that range from person to person.   It can be dark and mysterious or fun and seductive.  No matter how you define erotic there is one thing that is for sure, that you need it somehow in your life.  Whether it's a one night stand or a seductive escape with the one you love, having the emotions of all things erotic in your life awakens your spirit in a profound way.  That is why the Tyecuffs Collection of intimate soft bondage is designed to make your most intimate moments more erotic.  These soft bondage tools of seduction are designed to make bondage effortless by employing elastic for a quick release so that you can experience the range of erotic without any fear.  From lacy handcuffs to bangle-styled handcuffs, these beginner-friendly handcuffs are a beautiful way to begin your journey to incorporate all things erotic into your world.  Here are a few soft bondage erotic accessories that you can enjoy anytime your heart desires:

Erotic Accessories & Sensual Soft Bondage | ExGirlfriend Tyecuffs

Delight any encounter with something unexpected with these flirty and fun bangle-styled handcuffs.  Easily employ them by slipping them onto your wrists or even ankles for something fun and unexpected.  Perfect erotic accessories for any passionate moment, allow these seductive handcuffs to invite excitement and the power of all things erotic into your private life. 

Erotic Accessories & Sensual Soft Bondage | Vixen Sparkly Handcuffs

Light up your most passionate moments with a hint of erotic in these sparkly handcuffs inspired by elegance, femininity, and seduction.  These sparkly handcuffs feature a rhinestone mesh cuff and luxuriously long satin tyes that tye together around the ankles or wrists or a sweet surrender you can enjoy time and time again.  There is no stopping pleasure or the sweetness of erotica in these sparkly soft bondage handcuffs!

love, tara