How to Style Cage Bras

Cage bras.  Those sexy things that we want to wear all year long but perhaps we are not quite sure how to.  After all, they are perfect with swim attire, beach nothings and boudoir essentials, but how do we continue to style them beyond summer?  The answer is easier than you think!   After all, those tight knit sweaters and shirts need some definition, now don't they? Cage bras are a beautifully unexpected accessory that your winter wardrobe longs for.  Wearing them under a fluffy jacket will only give your admirers something to lust after and spark their imagination.  Wearing them under a soft sweater will also pique their interest to know what is underneath.  And this is where the true fun of styling begins.  Ahead are three ways to style your cage bra in unexpected sensual and stylish ways:

Cage Bra Style

Over A Tight Sweater 

The Bombshell Bratye is a beautiful cage bra that highlights a tye at the center is a perfect cage bra to layer over a tight sweater.   This not only breaks up the boringness of a basic sweater but also gives your torso the definition is so desperately deserves.  Pair this with a faux leather skirt or leggings for a statement that will heat up the colder months effortlessly.

Under A Shoulder-less Shirt

Add some instant sex appeal with a cage bra under, yes under, a shoulder-less shirt.  Highlight this underrated feature with the Do Me Proper Bratye that features satin tyes that peep through any shoulder-less shirt beautifully.  Pair this sensual yet casual look with your favorite pair of jeans or leggings for a fallish look that will have them lusting after you.

Layered with A Jacket

The secret to styling any look during the colder months of the year is all about layering.  This technique not only gives you more options to accommodate your comfort but also lends you more ways to style your cage bra.  Wearing it over or under a tshirt then putting a jacket or cardigan over it will spark your onlookers imagination and have you be center stage in their imagination.  This will give your winter looks a more sensual vibe that will making styling more fun and unique.