Hustlers✨Accessories for the Night

If you have seen the trailer for the new Hustlers trailer, you can get a glimpse of the glamorous and not so glamorous side of being a dancer.  Late nights and bright lights makes this movie something you might be able to relate to.  Getting ready for a performance or a night out can sometimes be difficult if you don't have the right intimate accessories.  So stop wandering what you are going to wear and celebrate it with the Intimates Collection of lingerie accessories, nipple covers and even handcuffs.  Designed to unleash the dancer in you, these tools of seduction are meant for you to enjoy with the one you choose.  Whether you are giving a private performance all your own or enjoying a night out dancing with friends, enjoy a little sensual sparkle with this carefully curated collection of feminine lingerie accessories.  Tease and entice with these ultra-feminine accessories designed to flatter your look with femininity, elegance and sensuality.  Here are 3 intimate accessories you should consider wearing into the night:

Sensual Accessories Feminine Intimates

Centerfold Pearl Leg Garters

Experience the magic of luxury and sensuality with these ultra-feminine leg garters designed to highlight each step you take.  The Centerfold pearl leg garters feature a glass pearl strand and soft elastic fit so you can wear them all day and all night.  Enjoy stepping into your femininity like never before with these ultra-feminine pearl leg garters!

Honey Black and Pink Leg Garters

Enjoy flirtation and style all at the same time with these ultra-feminine leg garters that are so sexy you might not want to take them off!  The Honey leg garters feature handcrafted satin tyes and black elastic straps that caress your thighs for an unforgettably feminine finish.

Pearlure Bow Nipple Pasties

Experience luxury and sensuality all together with these seductively feminine bow pasties designed to highlight your look with beauty and luxury.  The Pearlure bow nipple pasties feature a handcrafted organza tye and soft reusable felt backing to create a look that you can enjoy again and again.

love, tara