Keeping Secrets with Bow Tie Nipple Jewelry

Sometimes the best secrets are not verbalized. They are not obvious. They are sinister but with sweet intentions. Whether it's a secret about your favorite recipe or how you decorated your mantel or how you keep your house so clean, having a secret that can be shown is way more evocative than one mere words. Inspired by the beauty of sweet sensations, the Niptyes Collection of feminine nipple jewelry is a beautiful way accent your favorite looks with feminine power and sensuality. Ahead are three NIptyes nipple jewelry that you should consider when you want to let a secret out:)


A vice. We all have them. And we can either love them or loathe them. Whatever you decide to do, celebrate it with the Vice Niptyes Nipple Jewelry. These evocatively feminine nipple clamp necklace, from the Vice Collection, is a seductive way to delight your look with femininity. Inspired by the power of your vices, this nipple jewelry design can be woen under a sheer shirt, with a lacy nothing or perhaps nothing at all.


Soften your most intimate encounters with a hint of romance in these black lacy nipple clamp jewelry from the Bougee Collection. Wispy lacy tyes dangle as you tease and you can wear them as you please. Put on a strip tease or flirt with a little flash, no matter how you want to wear this sexy secret, allow them to sweeten your most intimate moments.


Inspired by a kiss, these flirty and fun bow tie nipple jewelry, from the XO Collection, is a beautiful way to light up your intimate wardrobe. Simply secure the flexible clamp onto the diameter of the nipple to experience the sweetest of sensations. Wear them with an open cup bra, under a sheer robe or with nothing at all. This sweet secret is all yours, now isn't that the best secret of all?