On The Catwalk with Heeltye Heels Accessories

When it comes to deciding what shoes to wear, you could be faced with a multi-faceted decision. Whether it's occasion-driven, comfort-driven or aesthetically-driven, your choices will have a big impact on your experience. After all, having uncomfortable shoes is the worst. So enjoy your shoe experience with the Heeltyes Collection of versatile bow shoe straps. From playing it casual with flats to dress it up glam with high heels, enjoy each step you make on the catwalk of your life with this collection of bow shoe straps. Ahead are three detachable heel straps that you should consider when you want to make an impression with each step you take.

Take sweetness with you everywhere you go with these ultra-feminine heel straps from the Lady Collection inspired by all things ladylike. A soft elastic strap encircles the heels, ankles or calves for a sensually ladylike accent you can take anywhere your day or night takes you. A feminine handcrafted tye accents the frilly elastic making it a sweet statement you can dress up or down. Wear them around high socks for a flirtatious finish that will accentuate your steps with sweetness.

Inspired by the art of entanglement, these criss cross heel straps from the Ivy Collection are a flirtatious way to accent each step you take. Wear them with heels or flats, these are also fun to wear up high around your calves for a feminine and unique statement you can dress up or play down. Wear to the front, back or off to the side, these flirty heel straps will accessorize and transform your favorite pair of kicks.

Make is sweet. Make it demure. Make it as you please with these irresistibly feminine heel straps from the Daisy Collection. Inspired by the beauty of daisies, these feminine heel straps are a beautiful way to transform your favorite pair of heels, sandals or flats. Make every step you take on the catwalk of your life a little sweeter with these detachable heel straps with a soft elastic strap that is so comfy you can enjoy all day and all night.