Let's Kick It 🎀 Accessories for Your Next Adventure

Shoe shopping.  Do you love it or loathe it?  No matter how you feel about shoe shopping, there is an easy way to accessorize your heels without even having to purchase new ones.  Discover the Heeltyes Collection.  This versatile range of heel accessories is inspired to make your journey even sweeter.  No matter if you are just going grocery shopping or heading into work or getting ready for that first date, the Heeltyes Collection is designed to transform your heels with hints of elegance, class and femininity.  Comfortable to wear, thanks to the soft elastic construction, these heel accessories are a beautiful way to kick off the new year.  Enjoy your shoe wardrobe like never before with these feminine accessories.  Here are 3 heel accessories you should consider when you want to make your journey a little sweeter. 

Feminine Heel Accessories

Hickey Heel Accessories

Dainty and feminine.  These versatile heel accessories are a beautiful way to make each step sweeter.  The Hickey heel accessories feature a satin tye and soft elastic strap so that you can wear them around your heels, ankles or even around your calves like sock garters.  There is no ending to the styling opportunities you have with these unique feminine accessories.

Doll Heel Accessories

Inspired by glamour, fame and perfection, the Doll heel accessories are a beautiful way to make your next adventure sweeter.  The Doll heel accessories feature a soft satin tye and elastic straps that encircle the heel, ankle or calve for a feminine finish you can create again and again.

Highness Heel Accessories

Discover the royalty in you with these ultra-feminine heel accessories designed to light up your steps with elegance, class and femininity.  These handcrafted heel accessories feature a soft satin tye and soft elastic and that you can comfortably wear all day and all night.  Be the highness that you are with these versatile heel accessories!

love, tara