Luxury Meets Femininity with Pearl Accessories

Luxury.  It can be defined in so many ways.  You can enjoy luxury, yearn for luxury or aim to live in luxury.  How do you define luxury?  According to the dictionary, luxury is "a delicacy, elegance, or refinement of living rather than a necessity." While luxury isn't a necessary enjoyment, you can still dream about it and experience it when you can.  That is why pearl accessories make for such a beautiful addition to your jewelry box, your look and your jewelry strategy.  These little delicacies are a perfect way to access the joy of luxury without having to spend a lot, do a lot or sacrifice a lot to attain it.  Ranging from simple pearl earrings to pearl necktie necklaces, pearl accessories instantly make your look luxuriously feminine.  Here are 3 pearl accessories you should consider for your next luxurious experience:

Pearl Accessories

Marie Antoinette Pearl Earrings

Inspired by all things vintage, feminine and luxurious, these handcrafted velvet earrings are a beautiful way to light up your look.  Inspired by this Queen, the Marie Antoinette earrings features a beautiful pearl teardrop that dangles with delight everytime you wear them.  Perfect for a first date, an important meeting or even enjoying them in your boudoir.  Enjoy a little luxury anytime your heart desires with these feminine bow earrings.

Pearlure Bow Nipple Covers

Discover the power of luxury and seduction with these beautifully feminine bow nipple covers designed to create a feminine look instantly.  These handcrafted bow nipple covers feature a sparkly, reusable nipple cover base and a satin and organza bow to make your need striptease ultra-luxurious.   Wear these with your favorite lingerie set, under a blazer or jacket or nothing at all.

 Mademoiselle Pearl Handcuffs

Empower yourself with the tools of seduction in these beautifully versatile pearl handcuffs from the Mademoiselle Collection.  Inspired by the glamour, the beauty and the elegance of intimacy, these beautifully luxurious handcuffs are a beautiful way to discover your boundaries. Enjoy luxury in your most intimate moments with these beautifully handcrafted pearl handcuffs!

love, tara