Make Memories with Sensual Bridal Gifts ✨

When it's time to enjoy sweet matrimony, there are a lot of bridal decisions to be made. The dress, the location, the reception, the drinks, and so on.  But when it comes to a sweet end and the guests have all left, it's time for you to reap all of your efforts together.  The Bridal Collection of sensual gifts are each designed to capture experiences that you create throughout your bridal experience.  From walking down the aisle to your honeymoon, make memories last forever with this collection of handcrafted gift sets that are a beautiful way to celebrate your love.  Here are 3 bridal sets that you should consider for when you get married:

Bridal Gifts

Blushing Bride Sensual Bridal Gift Set

Make your intimate moments together even sweeter with this giftset designed to create sensual sparks together.  This handcrafted bridal gift set features bangle-style handcuffs and white satin nipple clamps for the bride to experience the beauty and power of sensual accessorizing.  Perfect to surprise the one you love or as a gift, you both can enjoy for years to come.

Untamed Hearts Bridal Gift Set

Let your hearts roam wild with this cheeky and feminine bridal gift set designed for your wedding night, honeymoon, anniversary or somewhere in between.  This bridal giftset features handcrafted nipple covers with a heart detail and matching white satin choker.  Wear with your favorite lingerie set or whenever you want to capture the magic and untamed beauty of your love. 

Flowergirl Bridal Gift Set

Create the experience of your wedding day over and over again with this cheeky and sensual gift set designed to elicit your effervescent femininity.  This gift set features beauty chiffon daisies with petite tye accents that emit a beautiful soft feminine radiance.  A matching bracelet and nipple covers will have you enjoying your style all day and all night long.

love, tara