The Chantilly Collection | Feminine Jewelry & Accessories

Chantilly.  A small town in France. Unknown for beautiful and historic castles and scenery, the town of Chantilly captures the spirit of femininity, beauty and love.  This town is the inspiration behind the Chantilly Collection.  A beautiful blend of femininity and style, the Chantilly Collection features a metallic eyelet lace and soft satin ribbon that you can easily integrate into your day or evening look.  This beautifully versatile collection is designed for the discerning and fashionable lady that enjoys style, value and femininity.  Designs from the collection are perfect to wear to work, out to play or in the privacy of your boudoir.  Enjoy your femininity and sweet sensuality with the Chantilly Collection.  Here are a few items from the collection: Chantilly Collection: Feminine Jewelry and Accessories

Chantilly Tyelet

Lace your look with sweet femininity in the Chantilly bow bracelet!  This feminine and versatile bow bracelet is perfect for any look you desire.  Wear it with your favorite catsuit, business suit or even lingerie set.  This delicate and feminine bow bracelet is the perfect way to accessorize your look with sweet femininity.

Chantilly Tyera Headband

Make every day a good hair day with the Chantilly headband.  This versatile and feminine headband designed to give your look and sweet and sophisticated style.  This headband features a beautiful metallic lace and satin ribbon with a beautifully handcrafted tye at the nape of the neck.  Wear this beautiful headband to work, out to play, or whenever your heart desires.

Chantilly Handcuffs

Escape into your wildest imagination with the Chantilly Collection handcuffs!  These lacy handcuffs are a beautiful way to explore your deepest desires without experiencing fear.  Two soft lace cuffs encircle the wrists or the ankles for a beautiful sensual retreat.  Perfect as a gift or a surprise for the one you love.

Chantilly Lace Choker

 Finish any look with the sweet finish of the Chantilly lace choker!  This beautifully handcrafted lace choker features a metallic eyelet lace and soft satin ribbon that encircles the neck with sweet femininity.  Wear this choker with you wherever your heart desires.