The French Girl Summer Wardrobe

There is something beautiful about the French style.  The exacting perfection of their effortlessly is something to be in awe about.  From beautiful neutral color palettes to strategically placed accessories, these girls know what's up. French IT girls like Jeanne Damas and Sabina Socol seem to line their closets with similar items and follow pretty straightforward rules.  And we want to know what is in their wardrobe this summer.  Keep reading to see the 3 fashion accessories that every French girl wants or has in her summer wardrobe:

Feminine Jewelry

French Girl Wardrobe • Pearl Earrings 

There are some things that will never go out of style and that is pearl earrings.  Their innate versatility and beautiful feminine radiance will allow you to wear them from jeans to a little black dress.  From brunching to dancing the night away, having a beautiful pair of pearl earrings is a flawless and failed-proof way to accessorize like a French girl.  Enjoy elegance everywhere you go with these handmade pearl bow earrings. 

 French Girl Wardrobe • Black Choker

Discover style in simplicity with this beautifully feminine choker designed to light up your look with sophistication and beauty.  The black choker is full of historic meaning and can still today be integrating into a variety of different styles and looks.  When you are not sure what to wear, the little black choker is always a good way to accessorize.

French Girl Wardrobe • Bow Belts 

Creating a feminine silhouette is easy and beautiful with the Beltye Collection of feminine bow belts.  These adjustable bow belts will seriously go with you wherever you want to go.  From jeans to a pretty little lacy dress, these beautifully versatile bow belts will help shape your silhouette and make everything you wear a little more feminine.  Enjoy accessorizing like a French Girl with these basic yet beautiful bow belts. 


love, tara