Twisted 🎀 Black Leg Garters

Leg garters are commonly associated with weddings.  Where the bride wears a garter down the aisle and throws it to her bridesmaids.  The bridesmaid who catches it is the one that assumptively gets married next.  But leg garters have so much more potential.  They have the potential to go beyond weddings.  They have the potential to look different and become powerful lingerie accessories.  They also have more power when they turn from white to black.  Black leg garters turn a look from innocent to sensual instantly.  That is why the Legtyes Collection of sensual leg garters is designed to transform any look you desire.  These leg garters are available in traditional leg garter format or with a belt so that you can instantly transform any lingerie look.  Perfect boudoir accessories, these fashionable accessories can be easily taken outside of the bedroom with a little creativity and imagination.  Here are three black leg garters to consider for your next accessorizing strategy session:

Highness Leg Garters

Black Pearl Leg Garters | Centerfold Legtyes

Where luxury and sensuality collide.  The Centerfold Legtyes are a beautiful way to transform your look with flirtation and femininity.  Whether you are lounging around in your boudoir or going to that new club in town, these pearl leg garters make the perfect companion no matter where you go.  Enjoy luxury and style with these handcrafted pearl leg garters.

Black Leg Garters | Highness Legtyes

Discover femininity and style with these simplistically sweet leg garters designed to caress your thighs in feminine style.  The Highness Legtyes leg garters are inspired by simple and sensual statements.  These black leg garters feature handcrafted satin tyes and soft elastic waist so that you can wear them under a short skirt, over leggings or with nothing at all.

Black Leg Garters | Invitation Legtyes 

 You are invited to explore sensual style like never before with these flirty and feminine leg garters.  The Invitation Legtyes feature a flirtatiously feminine tye and soft elastic loops.  Wear the tye to the front, back or side for a flirtatious touch to any look.  Wear these black leg garters with your favorite lingerie set for a feminine statement. 


Love, Tara