#Weekend Mood | Sensual Intimate Jewelry

Enjoy the weekend with something that you might not think that you would enjoy.  It's intimate, evocative and a bit exciting. If you are new to intimate accessorizing, then the Intimates Collection of sensual and intimate jewelry is a beautiful way to introduce yourself to this exciting world of intimacy and play.  Intimate jewelry can take on several variations, from body chains to leg garters to nipple accessories, there is a lot you can do to make your look unique and feminine.  You can even wear them from the streets to your boudoir with little clever tactics. Here are 3 unique and handcrafted intimate accessories that you should consider for your next #weekendmood:

Intimate Jewelry and Accessories

Foxy Bodtye | Intimate Jewelry & Accessories 

Be the fox that you are with these flirty and intimate accessories designed to light up your imagination with flirtation and style.  The Foxy bodtye lingerie harness features a sexy picot-trimmed elastic and soft satin tye accent to create a look that you can enjoy with a little black dress, sexy lingerie set or perhaps nothing at all.  Enjoy the versatile and the style of this simple yet bold lingerie harness.

La Sophisticate Nipple Clamps | Intimate Jewelry & Accessories 

Enjoy sweet sophistication with a hint of sensual luxury in this ultra-feminine nipple clamp necklace designed to light up your imagination.   The La Sophisticate nipple clamps feature creamy glass pearls and black, lead-free chain so that you can enjoy them under a loose shirt, under a bra or just your bare skin.

Heartbreaker Handcuffs | Feminine Soft Bondage Pleasure Tools

Designed to break hearts, or even mend them, this powerfully seductive and emotionally-charged set of handcuffs will either set you free or confine your pleasure.  The Heartbreaker soft bondage handcuffs features soft elastic loops, satin tyes and a draping lead-free chain that is designed to evoke pleasure, passion and anything your heart desires.

 love, tara