3 Feminine Chokers You Need

When it comes to deciding what to wear, there are so many options.  Whether it's accessorizing your hair, your neck or your waistline, there are many creative ways to transform your look with a simple addition of a fashion accessory.  Take, for instance, the choker.  This beautiful and simple bow choker is a beautiful way to delight your onlookers and highlight your decollete.  No matter if you are heading to a meeting, you are going out with friends or you are simply enjoying some alone time in your boudoir, allow the Bowtyes Collection of sensual chokers and necklaces delight any look effortlessly.  Enjoy flirtation and style fused with this collection of feminine chokers that range for lacy to velvet to satin.   Accessorize with a variety of different looks for every #currentmood.  Here are 3 feminine chokers that you need to consider to integrate into your wardrobe:

Feminine Chokers

Feminine Chokers • Femme Fatale Black Bow Choker 

Give any look a touch of sweet sophistication with this simple and versatile black bow choker that will go with you wherever you want to go!  This black bow choker features a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic choker band that secures with a clasp!  Wear it off to the side of a little flirtation or straight on for a direct approach to style.  Enjoy this menswear crossover choker with any look your heart desires!

 Feminine Chokers • Fringe with Benefits Bow Choker

Flirt with fringe in this feminine choker that is inspired by 1920s flappers!  This edgy and sweet choker features a soft satin tye that is centered in the middle.  Wear it with your favorite little black dress, lingerie set or nothing at all.  This beautiful boudoir accessory is a playful way to excite any look.

Feminine Chokers • Marie Antoinette Velvet Kitten Choker

Unleash the kitten in you with this feminine and flirtatious bow choker from the Marie Antoinette Collection!  This handcrafted velvet choker is inspired to bring out your playful side.  Soft velvet encircles the neck while a handcrafted bow sits at the front of the neck.  Enjoy wearing this feminine choker with your favorite going out look, lingerie set or nothing at all:)

love, tara