First Date Style 🎀 Feminine Accessories

The first impression.  It takes like a mere 7 seconds to create one.  We all do it.  It's apart of our human psychology.  Our observational powers zoom in at first and analyze everything our senses pick up.  What are they wearing, what are they saying, how are they saying it, what colors are they wearing, what is their body language saying, and so on.  We might do this consciously and unconsciously.  Once this first impression is made, it is very difficult to change it.  That is why deciding what to wear on that first date is so important.  It has an unseen impact that you might not be aware of.  Feminine accessories, from the Accessories Collection, is a beautiful way to explore different styling options without much effort.  You can create a variety of different looks and styles without having to invest in a new wardrobe.  Accessories are like the punctuation to your first impression.  He might not remember the dress, but he might remember your anklet.  Having feminine accessories strategically placed throughout your look is a great way to create a lasting good impression.   Here are a few feminine accessories to consider when deciding what to wear on that first date:

Feminine Accessories || FaireFox Bow Anklet  

Delight your style with the sweetest of looks in the FaireFox bow anklet!  This versatile collection of anklets give your look a hint of unexpected femininity and style when it matters most.  Wear this bow anklet with your favorite heels, sandals or even just barefoot on the beach.  Let yourself be yourself with this feminine bow anklet!

Feminine Accessories || Fringe with Benefits Bow Belt 

Create a playful statement with this irresistibly feminine fringe bow belt designed to highlight your curves with femininity.  The Fringe with Benefits bow belt features playful fringe and a handcrafted satin tye so that you can wear it with jeans, a pencil skirt, a swimsuit or anything your heart desires. It's time to go out and play with this fringe bow belt!

Feminine Accessories || French Kiss Pearl Hair Chain 

Make every hairstyle a little more feminine with this irresistibly feminine pearl hair chain designed to go with you wherever you go.  The French Kiss pearl hair chain features a luxuriously feminine pearl stand and long satin ribbons so that you can wear it with any hairstyle your heart desires.