Imagination & Magic: A Summer Reading List

This summer, take a vacation. But not an ordinary vacation. In fact, it probably won’t cost you very much at all. This vacation will be in your mind. Don’t let this summer slip by arming yourself with space and my recommended summer books. Turn off your phone, open a book and get lost in the magic and imagination of summer reading. Here are a few of my favorite summer books:


This is pretty much a must-have book for any aspiring lady. The CEO of NastyGal, takes us on a journey of the humble beginnings of this unique startup to her multiple store chain. A perfect kick when you need some inspiration and motivation to get your empire going.


They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but this one I did and I was so right. I love the barcode image on the cover as well as all the beautifully crafted content inside of it. Author Cara Alwill Leyba provides useful tips on success, sanity and unlocking happiness. I highly recommend you follow her on Instagram, she is full of amazing content that is super relevant and very necessary for any female.


You are never alone. And in this book, author Gabrielle Bernstein shows us that the Universe is always there for us in ways we might ignore. Here she demonstrates how returning to love is the best teacher and guides a girl can get. One of the best quotes, “Your presence is your power.”

Here are a few pieces that I love to wear when I am summer reading