Manicure Made 🎀 Bow Rings to Complete Any Manicure

There are some things that never go style.  The choker.  The little black dress.  And now the bow ring.  Simple by definition but visually alluring, bow rings are the perfect symbol of femininity and style.  With so many different types of manicure designs available today, the pearl manicure, the negative space manicure, even just the classic french tip manicure, there is something for everyone and 6 distinctive bow ring styles in the Ringtye Collection that will make your manicure stand out even more.   Manicures have been around for a while, actually even the ancient Egyptians loved them by dipped their hands into oil and painting their nails elaborately with henna.  Whether you are going for something bold and beautiful or seductive and simple, the Ringtye Collection of feminine adjustable bow rings is the perfect way to highlight any manicure, even if you just do it yourself.  Enjoy accessorizing your fingertips with this must have collection of feminine bow rings.  Here are 3 bow rings that you should consider for your next manicure:

 Adjustable Black Bow Ring

Adjustable Black Bow Ring | XO Ringtye

Delight your look with femininity and style in this ultra-feminine bow ring designed to light up your fingertips with beauty and style.  The XO Bow ring features a handcrafted satin tye and adjustable ring adjustable ring band that will light up your look instantly.  Accessorizing has never been more fun than with this beautifully handcrafted satin bow ring.

Adjustable Black Bow Ring | Do Me Proper Ringtye

Give your fingertips the respect they deserve with the Do Me Proper bow ring designed to accessorize any manicure.  The Do Me Proper bow ring features a handcrafted satin tye and adjustable nickel-free ring band that is sure to delight and awe your onlookers.  

Adjustable Black Bow Ring | Highness Bow Ringtye

Bold is beautiful with this handcrafted, layered bow ring that is perfect to wear when you want to feel a like royalty.  The Highness bow ring features a soft satin tye and adjustable ring band so that you can light up any manicure you desire.

love, tara